Critter Camp Adoptions Page
Critter Camp is a Sanctuary where older, Ill, aggressive, and otherwise unadoptable
pets can live out their lives safe, happy and loved.

However once in a while we receive healthy, young friendly pets as well, which we
then place in wonderful new homes!

And sometimes people ask us to help them re-home their pets and we are able to
match them up with prospective pet owners, saving the animal the stress of moving
any more often than is necessary!
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Adoption Success Stories!
Meet Nartavia!  

This bearded dragon was found on a driveway
in Lake County, no one in the area wanted her,
& the people who found her contacted Critter
Camp. We had her couriered to Rockford
where Shary, our transporting  board member,
picked her up and then brought her here. We
assessed her health and temperment and felt
she was able to be adopted.

"We are thrilled to have Nartavia as the newest
member of our family and we couldn't love her
more. We are so thankful to Beth and Critter
Camp for rescuing her and allowing us to give
her the forever home that she truly deserves!

I would also add:
I can only hope that Critter Camp is able to
build their new Green Sanctuary so that many
more animals are able to have their own happy
ending, just like Nartavia!"

(Tim, Tina, Sarah & Bradyn Pacek)
We have hamsters for adoption too! Click
on their pics for more info!