Emergency Help!
Having trouble keeping your pets (*other than cats & dogs*) during  Job Loss, Foreclosure, Natural Disaster, &
                     Critter Camp Can Help You!
                                                     Majority of the program is funded by a grant from the
PETCO Foundation     

Social Service Agencies Contact Us for our cooperative agreement. We will provide your agency with printed materials
you can distribute to individuals in need as well.
Individuals see below to fill out our assistance form.
    Critter Camp can help in many ways including:
  • Low or no cost supplies such as caging, bedding, food, etc.
  • Temporary care for your pet
  • Landlord education to help you to keep your pet with you
  • Provide resources for you to re-home your pet
  • Intake for permanent placement of your pet here
                             PLEASE Do Not release your pet into the wild, abandon or neglect it
Contact us - We will help you!
*See example scenarios & success stories below*
*We cannot  take in cats and dogs, or large exotics such as tigers or large snakes, or wildlife.
However we will try to help you locate services than can help you with those animals too!
* We will accept requests from anywhere in the US,
  • Animals must be brought to Critter Camp here in Northern IL,
  • Supplies must be picked up here as well,
  • Limited supply delivery and animal pick up is available
    up to 35 miles from our zip, 61039
  • Special arrangmeents may be made to ship supplies or animals
  • Animals travelling across state lines will need a veterinarian certificate per USDA
  • Critter Camp reserves the right to refuse any assistance requests
Your name:
Your email address:
Your phone number:
Please describe:
  • Your reason for
    needing assistance
  • Pets you need help with
  • What type of help you
  • Where you are located
  • How long you expect to
    need help
  • Veterinarian Reference
Assistance Form
Our Partner Organizations:
American Red Cross of
Greater Chicago
Examples of how we can help:
*  A family loses their home in a house fire, they manage to save their pet rabbit, but not her cage. We can supply
a cage for the family to use as long as they need to.

* Due to a job loss a family decides to re-home their pet ferrets because of the cost of their food and litter. We
can supply free food and litter until the family is back on it's feet.

*Due to foreclosure a family must move in with relatives temporarily, but the relatives do not want them to bring
their pet bearded dragon with them. We will help educate the relatives on the ease of care and minimal
disruption of their life a bearded dragon will be, encouraging them to allow the family to bring their pet along.

There are many more scenarios in which we can help - PLEASE - Just Ask!

Sites to help individual pet owners in crisis:
Organizations that can help with vet bills

Help For Pet Owners / Financial Assistance - Vet Bills
Let us help your clients keep and/or care for their pets
Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary               

Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary is partnering with area agencies to help
people keep their pets during the current economic hardships, or whenever
emergencies or natural disasters might arise.

When people seek out your services during a crisis, whether it is a job loss,
home foreclosure, a natural disaster, etc., they will often have a loved pet that
will need support and resources. All too often these pets are left at animal
shelters or released to fend for themselves simply because the owners felt
they had no other options.

The staff of Critter Camp is taking the initiative during these harsh economic
times to help those people in need that desire to keep their pets, or at least
provide peace of mind if their pet requires re-homing or shelter care.

Our goal is to help with low cost or free supplies; temporary placement for
exotic pets at our facility; education to landlords to help displaced pets; and
resources to re-home the pets, when necessary.

Critter Camp has made the commitment to care for local exotic pets in need.  
We are not licensed to care for cats and dogs. We also unable to accept
wildlife or the larger exotics. We can help with pets such as ferrets,
hedgehogs, rabbits, hamsters, birds, lizards, and many more.

We would like to invite your agency to enter into a cooperative agreement with
Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary.  We hope that you will agree to inform
your clients about our ability to provide resources and alternatives for their
pets when they are in need. In return, we will post a link on our emergency
page acknowledging your cooperation, and we will agree to partner with your
agency in any way we can, as well.

Please visit our website http://www.crittercamp.biz  and see our Emergency
Page for details. Feel free to contact us at any time, and to forward this
message to other agencies.

To partner with Critter Camp, simply reply by phone or email stating that you
agree to work together with us on this much needed issue.  Please provide a
contact name, address, phone, and email.
Thank you,
Beth Randall
Director,   Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary
beth@crittercamp.biz     815-266-1342
"Hi, my name is Yvonne, I am Cherry's "mom". I was writing to you today to say Thank You
again for taking my girl in and giving her a safe and loving home when I was unable to. The
last thing I wanted to do was give her up...she is my companion and I love her very much. I
had no permanent home at the time and was unable to keep her in my care. But now I
have a place of my own and we are back together again....and it is because of you we
were able to be reunited !! Cherry and I both were blessed when we found you and Critter
Camp. Your understanding and compassion were extraordinary and the care given to my
girl was exemplary.I commend you on your commitment and dedication to our animal
friends...it exceeds anything I have ever seen...I am very grateful to you, your cause and
your mission. I wish you all the very best....Your Friends Cherry and Yvonne."
Another success story:
Peter and Bugs lived here
at Critter Camp for 2
years while their owner
was ill and out of her home,
once she recovered they
were reunited and the
bunnies lived the rest of
their lives with their
original loving owner.
* Critter Camp has recently given 3 rat cages to people who needed larger enclosures for
their pet rats but could not afford them, and distributed over 100 pounds of dog food to
area food pantries and homeless shelters.
Critter Camp provided a PETCO gift card for supplies to a home based pet resucer temorarily out of work located in
Success story!
Cherry the Cherry-headed
Her owner was unable to keep
her when she lost her home and
was in temporary housing. Cherry
came here to Critter Camp where
she received the best of care for
4 months, until her owner was
able to take her back home!
'Crittercamp is a wonderful organization, filled with loving, caring and kind people, who not only help the animals out - but
sometimes their owner's too. Don't know what I'd have done without them!!  They are THE BEST in the industry!!! '   Kim
Gorman Abq, NM
WAVE  Working Against Violent
Domestic Violence Advocacy & Services

Kibble Korner Pet Food Pantry
Quiggly the fennec fox will stay here at Critter Camp for up to a year while his owners
find a home they can keep him in, currently they cannot have him in their apartment, but
it is only temporary. Where else can you safely board a fennec fox than Critter Camp!?
Critter Camp gave a guinea pig cage, food and accessories to a
family that rescued it from someone who could not keep it , but
they needed help to get it set up initially.
Critter Camp provided pet supplies including food, even
treats and some toys, to a family who had a house fire
and needed help until they got settled again.
Critter Camp is
partnering with Red
Cross Chapters, Food
Pantries, Homeless
Shelters and other
agencies to help
people keep their pets,
thereby reducing the
number of pets being
abandoned or
surrendered to
Thank You!!!! to the PETCO Foundation for awarding Critter Camp another "We are
Family Too" Grant to help hundreds more families in crisis keep their beloved pets at
home with them!
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