Welcome to our tribute page for all the great
Disney Give a Day Get a Disney Day volunteers!!
See the great things they have done to raise funds, get supplies and help out
here at Critter Camp! And look at the FUN they had doing it!
See some of the folks who volunteered here at
Critter Camp while the program was still open!
Check out the Warda Family bake sale! With the proceeds
they brought a lot of great supplies to Critter Camp! And they
brought us yummy cookies too! Yay!
Here's the flyer the Tarter family used to gather supplies- the
kids even asked for supplies for their Birthdays! How
Another family sold eggs from their
hens to help out!
Thanks to all the Patrons at
Chuck's Tap in IA for donating to
help the Winters family with their
supply collecting efforts!
"Touring Critter Camp was such
an enlightening experience.
Everyone knows all too well what
happens to unwanted dogs and
cats, but my son and I had no
clue that there was just as
important a need for exotic
animal rescue. Unwanted or
abandoned exotic pets that end
up safe and cared for at Critter
Camp are the lucky ones. Our
thanks to Beth and Disney for
such an eye-opening
experience." - Bonni & Elijah
The Ellis family cleaned the
kinkajou cages during their visit!
What a great job they did!
Volunteers all get
to take our
on interactive
educational tour &
creatures such as
the bearded
dragon, fennec
fox, hedgehogs &
much more!
The kitchen overflowed with supplies
gathered by the Banks family - much of it
donated by PETLAND in Rockford. Thank
you both!!!!
Flowers for Director Beth
from Volunteers Dr. Tami
Stringer & her daughter
Claire! How sweet!!!!
Robert Sweet &
family for the
fantastic donation!