In order to comply with our USDA Exhibitor's license requirements we must renovate the barn that
we house the rabbits and guinea pigs in their roomy free-range enclosures.
The interior walls and partition must be covered in washable waterproof material- such as merlite,
linoleum, vinyl flooring, vinyl siding, or corroplast (corrugated plastic like is used for yard signs); the
bottom 2-3 feet must be covered in metal- to prevent chewing through. Rolled Insulation is optional
but would be great!
The ceiling must be finished as well- it can be plywood, chipboard, drywall or other material sturdy
enough to hold up the rolled insulation that is there already and seal it in. Half of it is already done.

Currently the walls are bare wood with studs exposed and chicken wire & chain link are used as the
barriers. This is effective but not able to be washed and sanitized completely.

The lower part of the barn (the area used here)  is approx 40 ft x 20 ft x 8 ft tall.
The floor is cement and acceptable as it is.
Rabbit/Guinea Pig Enclosure Renovation project
Lauren Stran's Girl Scout Gold Award Project for Troop 595 is complete!
Thank you!!!!
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Work Day 1 was January 31 &  We worked about 11 hours!
Work day 2 was Valentine's Day Feb 14 & We worked about 10 hours!
It is way warmer and cleaner in the enclosure! Yay!  The educational signs Lauren made are fantastic too!

The inspector said the renovations was "PHENOMENAL!" He said that our rabbits and guinea pigs have an
optimal life here. We are very glad to be able to provide such care after the difficult lives some of these
pets have had.
Work Day   1      and 2/3 done!
Finishing up in the
dark with spot lights!

Insulated, drywalled
and half the Marlite
and metal lining done!

After we finished up late in the
evening on Valentine's Day we fed
the piggies & bunnies their fresh
veggies & look what the piggies
did- they chewed a red bell pepper
in the shape of a heart!
They must really love their new
Work Day 2 - Valentine's
Day 2009
We finished it all up
working into the evening
again! It is wonderful!!!!
Fox News
Good Day Shout Out
featured Lauren's work on
the project!

See our
video here too!